Top 10 best Football Academy in Ghana

Are you in Ghana and looking for a football academy to develop your skills and become a professional footballer? Would you like to represent the country through the national team one day? If so, then the information we gathered in this article titled “Football academies in Ghana” is for you. We also have relevant information about Football Academy in Ghana and their fees, Top 10 best Football Academy in Ghana, Right to Dream Football Academy.

Top 10 best Football Academy in Ghana

East Legon Football Academy (ELFA)

The founder of Elfa Soccer Academy is Mr. Winston Yeboah Danso, a businessman by trade. The soccer academy was established in the year 2019 and has since developed into one of the best Football academies in Ghana. The East Legon Football Academy, also known as Elfa, exists to help young, gifted soccer players realize their goals of becoming professional football players. In order to develop players into pros, the organization has a technical and soccer management staff that gives players important soccer tutorials and advice. Players make use of training seminars and coaches to help them with their practice and also improve on their weaknesses. Along with the essential demands that a player must be met, Elfa Soccer Academy provides football uniforms and soccer fields for its athletes.

The academy also boasts cutting-edge amenities that will help athletes develop swiftly and effortlessly. The Academy’s ambitious growth plan calls for promoting soccer as a national, local, and international sport. To improve the abilities of our players, we organize neighbourhood games such as leagues and district competitions. We also anticipate building community leisure centres to promote soccer among young people.
For further information, contact them at +233547507469

GreenGen Football Academy

GreenGen Football Academy was established in 2015. This sports academy is located in No 383, Ghana Head Office, 14, Odotei Tsui St, Accra, Ghana. This sports academy was created to support young aspiring football players in Ghana. Greengen is an efficient football academy with experienced coaches and improved facilities that will promote the development of young players.
The GreenGen Football Academy offers residential football instruction in a welcoming setting, as well as a variety of educational opportunities, including a 6-week trial period. Young athletes from across the globe between the ages of 14 and 18 may participate in our selection of programs. We play in front of scouts & coaches from professional football teams and also provide opportunity to go overseas. Many members of our staff have worked as scouts for professional teams, and we have a wide range of connections. Therefore, this makes us one of the best Football academies in Ghana.
Through our contact network that has been developed over many years of success, the GreenGen Football Academy Program offers realistic and authentic possibilities to grow into professional playing teams while also including a thorough weekly football schedule and education. We also teach the players about match and performance analysis. As well as tactics, formations, and decision-making.
We are aware that picking the best Academy might be challenging. We don’t offer misleading promises, in contrast to other Academies. You can be sure that you are headed in the correct direction toward becoming a professional football player by enrolling in our program. If you are talented, people will take notice of you. However, It’s up to you to shine when the chance arises.
Contact: +233 54 544 0848

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One World Football Academy

In 2016, One World Football Academy was established. Its goal was to facilitate different football tournaments for young Ghanaian players so they may advance in their careers. It was also created to provide young people in Ghana a way of empowerment. The One Word Football Academy is situated in Accra, Ghana’s Dzorwulu Cres.
Contact: +233 23 510 7662

Jancole Football Academy Main Office

Ghana’s Darkuman neighborhood is home to Jancole Football Academy. In 2009, this football academy was established. The goal of Jancole is to develop young football players into accomplished players. In addition, this school plans and takes part in a number of contests to improve the play of its young athletes.
Contact: +233 24 463 0257

Rising Stars of Africa Academy

Greda Estate, 10th Ave is where Rising Stars Of Africa Academy is situated in Accra. About 52 young Ghanaian players are now members of Rising Stars Of Africa, which was founded in 2013. It’s one of the fast rising Football academies in Ghana. This football school strives to produce more than simply talented players. The academy also provides young athletes with a high-quality education. The school wants to make sure that prospective football players succeed academically and in their athletic endeavours. Most of the kids at this school are from low-income households. Teachers and coaches at this school are always prepared to help students develop the idea that they can achieve greatness and to help them identify their skills. Additionally, this institute provides excellent classrooms where students may easily study.
Our academy seeks to find promising young players and help them realize their full potential via committed coaching, first-rate facilities, and the chance to participate in elite competitions.
Since the academy was founded in 2013, we have been providing devoted football instruction to 52 young Ghanaians. These youngsters have been selected as remarkable football potential and are supported on a scholarship basis. During a recruiting drive for more than 1,000 aspiring young footballers organized in 2013, we chose our first group of 26 players by inviting young boys who had been carefully scouted around the nation.


Our athletes participate frequently in local, national, and regional competitions and matches against other academies. They represent the U11 to U17 age groups and have won the Right to Dream U11 tournament in 2014 and placed second in the J2A U17 tournament in Benin in 2015.
Securing professional careers for our most talented and committed players is one of our primary sports objectives, and to far, we have been able to take a number of youngsters for trials with a number of professional teams in the UK. The young boys have found this to be a worthwhile experience that has given them the ability to learn more about other cultures as well as the professional standards and attitude needed to achieve their goals.

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First 4G artificial pitch in Ghana

For our academy players to practice and play games on, we finished building Ghana’s first 4G artificial pitch in 2015, giving them a surface that is superior to all others in the nation. We are now working on developing world-class infrastructure, including on-site restrooms and medical facilities.
Our academy participants get daily, high-quality coaching that is particularly customized to their individual needs and coordinated with supportive services like physiotherapy and sports psychology, all with the help of a committed team of full-time employees and volunteers.
Contact: www.risingstarsofafrica.com

Attram De Visser Soccer Academy

Another fantastic football academy in Ghana is Attram De Visser. The academy lies in Accra’s Sowutoum district. You will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of national and international football tournaments while attending this football school. Standard training facilities are also available at the academy to aid in the growth of its young athletes.
Contact: +233 30 295 4716

Astros Football Academy

In Ghana’s capital city of Accra, on Kojo Ashong Avenue, sits the Astros Football Academy. In 2014, this football academy was founded. Because of its efficient facilities and skilled instructors, it is still one of the top Football academies in Ghana. To develop and provide professional training for aspiring Ghanaian football players, this academy was founded. The academy has 60 children when it first opened in 2014. Up to 150 children are being trained at the Astros Football Academy currently. As a strategy to enhance and broaden the children’s football experience, this academy also participates in a variety of football competitions. The proprietor of the Astros Football School plans to establish a top-notch dormitory for the students shortly.

How to Join Football Academy in Ghana

You must have played grassroots football in Ghana before you may enroll in a football academy. This is how different individuals are scouted. When you are discovered, you might then be enrolled at a football school in Ghana.. Someone could want to scout you after seeing how well you play on the field. This occurs more often than you think. It all comes down to how well you play, how consistently you play, and also how much you love the game. Your attitude plays a big part in the scouting process as well.
To get you scouted, your manager simply requires your parents’ or your guidance’s consent. Most of the time, lodging and food are taken care of. All you have to do is present yourself. To get you there, all it takes is one person with the right connections. Social media is a fantastic tool for promoting yourself as well. Who knows, your assistant could be looking on.
Reaching out to various Football academies in Ghana directly is another option. You may occasionally be required to pay a sizable amount as an acceptance fee. Since corruption is so rampant in Ghana, getting into prestigious schools often requires connections.
Your skill may sometimes only serve you, and it may also not. You must at least attempt. You may get in touch with any of the Football academies in Ghana mentioned above. Local coaches can also assist their students in being accepted into different academies. Players are urged to constantly respect their coaches because of this. You are unsure of the relationships they may have.
Above all, you may either get discovered by a football school in Ghana or enroll in one by following the required registration procedures.

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Football Academy in Ghana and their fees

Right to Dream Football Academy Accra

Mohammed Kudus and Kamaldeen Suleman, who play professionally at the top level for Rennes and Ajax, respectively, were both produced by the Right to Dream Football Academy. On a barren Accra field, the Academy had its start as a non-profit football academy in 1999. Currently, the Right to Dream Football Academy Ghana features a purpose-built facility worth $2,500,000 that includes an international residential school.
Unfortunately, Right to Dream Academy does not provide any way to register or sell forms. Instead, they run nationwide trials every two years to award 18 scholarship spots to gifted athletes who want to attend their school.

Tamale Utrecht Football Academy (FUTA)

A relatively obscure Football Academy comes in second on the list. It may be reached by car in about fifteen minutes from the Northern Regional Capital in Ghana’s Northern Region, more precisely at Kasalgu. The Right to Dream football academy served as an inspiration for Tamale Utrecht Football Academy’s social initiative aspirations. Despite not being a member of FC Utrecht, TUFA is a partner of the latter. They benefit from it in terms of technological know-how, logistics, and access to a global sports network.
Registration forms are not provided, much as the Right to Dream football academy. However, the technical staff, led by Abdulai Alhassan, selects players using scouting methods through games and competitions.

Ken pong Football Academy

The academy was just recently founded by Kennedy Agyepong, a businessman ( not to be mistaken for the popular member of parliament). The institution, located in Ghana’s central region, aims to develop young talent from all over the globe.It is one of the fastest rising Football academies in Ghana.
Ken pong Football Academy, in contrast to the first two, allows applications from candidates worldwide. Players must be between the ages of 13 and 22 to participate. However, it seems that they are concentrating on older players (U-16 and above) right now. Obtain the registration form by going to the academy’s website.


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