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History Of Basketball In Uganda

The East African instructors and the American Peace Corps brought basketball to Uganda in 1962. After that, the establishment of (ABAU) a year later gave the sport in Uganda momentum, leading to the game’s current name, Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations. The first basketball court in Uganda was constructed in Kisubi in 1950.

The game was developed in many schools and institutions throughout Uganda thanks to the efforts of the first president of ABAU, Mr. Pat Conway, and Dick Kimball, general secretary, as well as other members of the executive committee including Yovan Ochola, Alphonse T. Okello, and Mathew.

A widespread reduction in game was brought on by Uganda’s political unrest and economic problems. As the coaches deteriorated and the facilities deteriorated in the latter part of the 1970s and during the 1980s, many schools stopped playing the sport. Some clubs persevered during the upheaval and continued to play the game despite the difficult political environment. The basketball teams from Makerere University, the Ugandan Commercial Bank, and the Ugandan Prison all played friendly games and participated in competitions to celebrate significant occasions like independence. The Makerere University Open Basketball Tournament, which brought together a number of teams from schools and various institutes, is one of the oldest competitions and was first held in 1969.

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These, along with St. Henry’s Kitovu, kept the game concealed yet active. The Christian instruction brothers took a lead role in promoting basketball in schools, most notably Father Leo, who worked hard for the sport at Kimaanya Primary School, St. Joseph’s Primary School in Nkoni, Kasasa SS, Bukalasa and Katigondo Seminaries, Mugwanya Preparatory School in Kabojja, and St. Savio in Kisubi.

Intentional efforts to revive the game were made in the early 1990s with the emergence of clubs like Rhino, Blue Jackets, and Kyambogo. The Uganda Germany cultural team and The Baptist Saints are currently powerful. With the aforementioned enthusiasm, a number of radical teenagers strongly emerged to transform the deteriorating image of basketball in Uganda. A brand-new FUBA executive committee under the direction of Eng. Hillary Onek made a concerted effort to revive the sport in the nation. A program for schools was started, and it now boasts schools throughout the entire region. Then, in 1995, a basketball league was launched with six teams: Makerere University, Kyambogo, Blue Jackets, Black Power (now Power), Rhino, and Sky Jammers. The league has grown significantly over the years and now features two divisions for women and forty-one clubs in each of its three categories for men.

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Dankind Academy Basketball

Nairobi, Uganda

A better future via basketball

Dankind Academy Basketball is a humanitarian initiative that uses education, basketball, and construction as tools for change in East Africa. It was inspired by the efforts of former NBA players Luol Deng and Manute Bol. With a basketball facility that was specifically designed for that purpose in Kampala, Uganda, near to the world’s newest country, we are able to instruct, guide, and train gifted student-athletes on full athletic scholarships.

Our goal is for our high school graduates to pursue careers in the professional world and, if at all possible, to use their height and athleticism to become professional basketball players who serve as charitable role models by donating 10% of their future income to securing a bright future for the following generation. Our ultimate goal is to create cities that can house the homeless and people living in extreme poverty in East Africa, as well as planned communities for refugees who want to return to South Sudan. The players we develop will take the lead in this movement, and it will be completed by everyone who wants to support us in our mission to build a society in East Africa where everyone has access to basketball and a healthy lifestyle, as well as a living wage, relevant education, and a green energy environment.

Daily Program of the Dankind Academy Basketball

Periodic Trainings shall include the following:

1. Morning stretches followed by a different form of exercise (yoga/martial arts)

2. Individual skill-building sessions in the morning

3. Education takes place during the day.

4. Team concept and practice/game preparation in the afternoon.

5. A weightlifting session in the evening.

6. Stretching in the evening while watching a video.

7. A cybernetics mental training session in the evening.

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8. A friendly midweek match (filmed for footage to be sent to coaches worldwide)

9. League games on weekends (filmed for footage to be sent to coaches worldwide)


Will include everything listed below completely free:

1. No-Cost Education

2. A place to stay with a bed, a shower, a bathroom, a common area, and personal lockers.

3. Food (3 vegan meals a day and filtered water)

4. Laundry service for the practice, team, and school outfits.

5. Access to the video room, library, laptops, and books


1. A distance learning course with teachers for assisted Oxford Learning.

2. A supervised path to earning an IGCSE and A-Level diploma.

3. Intensive classes for the exam to determine American equivalence.

4. Program for SAT/ACT preparation designed for NCAA entrance.

5. The potential for assisted EAL (English as Second language immersion classes)

In addition, the education package includes:

1. A library with all the required IGCSE and A-Level textbooks

2. Computers and locations with WiFi

3. Classrooms with projector screens for videos, such as those from Khan Academy.


Events that we hope to host at Dankind Academy Basketball include the following:








X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy

A voluntary group called X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy uses athletics and the development of life skills to give hope to vulnerable children. Basketball is regarded as the sport that best represents our athletics program. We seek out to areas where children are at risk.

The X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy is a nonprofit organization that works with young people who are at risk by teaching them sports, life skills, and art for growth. In order to help young people make positive changes and lead productive lives for their communities, country, and themselves, we train, educate, support, and encourage them.


Paul Okongo and Agaba Kenneth founded the X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy in September of 2012. The group’s goal was to help street children by playing basketball with them in an effort to combat hopelessness and self-pity because sport has the unique ability to uplift and bring people together.

In 2013, the Walukuba-Masese areas’ X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy was a fully registered community-based organization that worked with young people who were at risk. The three programs offered by the X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy—the sports program, which is centered on basketball, the life skills program, and the art program, which includes painting, dance, and a soon-to-be-launched bead project—are all progressing well.

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BOLIS Sports Academy

Children ages 3 to 18+ can receive skill- and age-appropriate instruction from BOLIS Sports Academy. From early childhood to adulthood, this program is organized and focused on the development of basketball skills and athletic ability. Our training has NO LIMITS because we encourage players not to restrict their capacity for progress.

FUBA (Federation of Ugandan Basketball Association)

Dankind Academy Basketball will not only have players active but will also be the location to host the national league games organized by the Federation of Ugandan Basketball Association league after two years of competition and being named Nairobi Basketball Association champions and semi-finalists in the Kenyan Basketball Federation division 1 league. As Dankind Academy Basketball has done in the past, this will be an excellent venue for producing footage of players searching for scholarships and professional contracts abroad.


Dankind Academy Basketball aims to provide a location for regular national team training for the Ugandan, South Sudanese, and any other East African teams in order to prepare for the Zone 5, Afrobasket tournaments, and any other FIBA or international competitions. Many Basketball Academies still struggle to provide their teams with adequate funding and facilities.


Wheelchair basketball is a sport played by individuals with various physical impairments that prevent them from competing in able-bodied sports. Spina bifida, congenital defects, cerebral palsy, accident-related paralysis, amputations (of the legs, or other body parts), and numerous other disabilities are among them. Those who have lost limbs but still want to participate in sports may find this to be a useful outlet.

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If you have been looking for Basketball Academies In Uganda then this article is for you. You will also find information about The History Of Basketball In Uganda, Dankind Academy Basketball, X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy and Federation of Ugandan Basketball Association.

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