How to Join Haugesund fc Youth Football Academy Trials

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Introduction To The Topic

Do you have the zeal to place football and want to join this noble academy, but don’t know how to go about it? This article will help you out. It contains all vital information concerning the eligibility requirements of Haugesund fc Youth Academy.

About The Haugesund fc Youth Academy

There are prerequisites that must be in place before enrolling into the Haugesund fc Youth Academy. Your age must range from 10 to 18 years. Then, you will have to relocate to Haugesund or very close to the academy.

Note that, if you wish you register with the Haugesund fc Youth Academy, you must not register with another academy. To know about the academy trials, visit the academy’s official website You can also reach out to them at

Gaining Entrance Into Haugesund fc Youth Academy

If you wish to enroll into the academy, you must meet the academy’s age requirement.
Then, you will take part in their open trials. You can head over to their website to know how it is scheduled.
The coaching staff of the academy will screen you based on certain qualities like; tactics, technics and physicality.

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Essential Equipments Needed For The Trial

The appropriate gear to use are: football boots, shin guard, a water bottle, and a lunch pack. If you are not wear the appropriate academy kit, you may not be allowed for trials. Head over to the club shop to purchase it.

An Overview Of FK Haugesund

Fotballklubben Haugesund, also known as FK Haugesund or simply FKH, is situated in the city of Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway. It is a professional Norwegian football club that currently competes in the top tier Norwegian football league system. They moved up into the league in the 2008-09 season.

In 1996-1998 and 2000, FK Haugesund competed in the top tier of Norwegian football. Then in 2007 and 2019, they failed to win the Norwegian cup, only finishing as runners-up. Additionally, they’ve competed for UEFA Europa League qualification in 2014-15, 2017-18, and 2019-20 seasons. But, also finished as runners-up.

A bronze medal in the 2013 Eliteserien league and fourth place in the 2016 and 2018 seasons are the club’s highest achievements.

The Haugesund-based football clubs, Djerv 1919 and SK Haugar came together on October 28, 1993, to form the club. Jostein Grindhaug, an ex-player, head coach, and sporting director, currently serves as their head coach.

The Haugesund stadion serves as the clubs home ground. There are 8,754 seats available in the stadium. Maakeberget stands as the club’s official fan club.

The Background Details Of The Club

FK Haugesund’s 1993-2000 Football Era.

When Haugesund-based football clubs Sportsklubben Haugar and Djerv 1919 came together, they created a team called Fotballklubben Haugesund. This was in October 28, 1993.

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The merger initially did not include teams for women and children in age-appropriate grades. A women’s squad has been discussed since 2017, with the possibility of a merger with Avaldsnes IL in the future.

Even though the local football club SK Vard Haugesund was on hand to take part in the merger, Vard decided not to associate in the new club’s initial conference.

Later on, they reopened the discussion to add Vard in the merger. This was during the autumn of 2005. Then, since the 2007-season, Vard represents the FK Haugesund’s farming club.

In 1919, Sportsklubben Haugar and FK Haugesund exchanged places in the 2nd Division table, and Haugar and Djerv returned to the lower levels.

More Information

In 1994, FK Haugesund move up from the second division in the inaugural season of the divisional system. Coach Conny Karlsson helped them achieve this.

As a result of his surprise departure from Landskrona following the club’s elevation to the Allsvenskan, Karlsson got the job of FK Haugesund’s head coach.

This was a huge success, as his team moved up to the first level in his first season in 1994 and finished fourth in his second season. However, this was before they moved up to Tippeligaen in 1996.

Haugesund were demoted in 1998 after Karlsson’s fifth season in the top league. This was after a strong ninth-place finish in his debut.

This time around, the squad moved up to the Tippeligaen, but only lasted a single season.

FK Haugesund fan club Maakeberget named their hymn “Conny Karlsson” in honor of Conny Karlsson. They did this even though he didn’t finish his season there in the top flight.

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The Club’s Background Details In The European Competition

To qualify for the UEFA Europa League, FK Haugesund first had to go through qualification stages in 2014. Airbus UK Broughton, the Welsh team, got defeated 3-2 overall. While, FK Sarajevo won 3-2 in the return leg.

For the second year in a row, FK Haugesund was able to play in UEFA Europa League qualifiers.

Coleraine of Northern Ireland was thrashed 7-0. This was prior to a 3–2 home win over Polish team Lech Poznan. After that, a 2–0 away loss followed. This thereby, put them out from the qualifying stage.

FK Haugesund emerged into the UEFA Europa League qualifiers in 2019 and lost to PSV 0–1 at home. They played 0–0 on the return leg.

FK Haugesund won Cliftonville of Northern Ireland in the first round. The was 6-1 overall in both home and away. They went on to defeat Sturm Graz of Austria 2–0 at home. Then, in the second leg, the lost 1-2. As a result, it was 3-2 in both home and away.


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