MKE Ankaragücü Youth Football Academy Trials

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It’s time to find how to enroll in the MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy so that you may fulfill your ambition of playing soccer professionally in Turkey. Six teams are separated into three age groups: 15 and under (born 2000), 16 and under (born 2001), and 17 and under (born 2002). The MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy begins on October 19 and finishes on January 6. Visit our registration page to sign up.

Information about MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy

 Ankara is home to the youth academy of Turkish football club MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy. The club which was established in 1992 competes in the Turkish Süper Lig at the moment.  The academy welcomes players between the ages of 9 and 18. This is how you may enroll in the academy:

Enrolling at the MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy

In Turkey, there is a competitive academy for U-15 & U-17 young football players  called MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy. The academy’s mission is to mold young soccer players into future professionals. Here is what you need to do if you want to attend the academy:

1) Fill out the registration form on the official website.

2) Attach a photocopy of your passport or ID.

3) You will also need to provide a picture of yourself.

4) After completing the registration form, then submit the TL100 registration money.

5) The academy will then call you to set up an interview after processing your registration.

Signing Up for the MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy

A training program is available for young players between the ages of 6 and 18 at Ankaragücü’s youth academy. The academy’s goal is to foster youthful talent and open doors to the first team.

Online registration for the academy is available, as well as in-person registration at the club offices.

Players must provide their contact information, personal information, and a current picture in order to register.

Players that have registered will then get invitations to trials, which will take place at the club’s practice facility.

The academy  will also offer a spot to successful athletes who agree to sign a contract.

The contract will obligate the athlete to show up for practices and games as well as abide by the club’s behavior policy.

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Trials at the Youth Academy of MKE Ankaragücü

You must first and foremost complete an application form, which is available on the academy website, to sign up for the trials. A picture and a copy of your passport or ID card are also required.

Upon receipt of your application, you will get an invitation to a trial match. If you are successful, a spot at the academy will then be made available to you.

What if I’m not fluent in Turkish?

No issues! For young, gifted football players who don’t speak Turkish, the MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy provides a rare chance to hone their abilities in a professional setting. Players will get top-notch instruction from qualified coaches and have the opportunity to play domestically against other local clubs. Here’s how to register if you’re interested in attending the academy.

Requirement for MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy Registration

Ankar is home to the Turkish football club MKE Ankaragücü. The club’s youth academy is regarded as one of the best in the nation. So, if you want to enroll in the academy, here are the requirements.

1. Complete an application form, which you may get from the academy or the club website.

2. Include your contact information and a current picture of yourself.

3. Pay the registration charge, which is 200 TL at the moment (Turkish Lira).

4. Send the academy your completed application and tuition payment.

5. Afterwards, you’ll  be called for an interview and/or trials.

Qualifications for MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy

If you want to attend the MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy, you must;

1. Be aged  between eight and sixteen.

2. Stay in Ankara or its environs

3. Not be enrolled in another football school right now.

4. Possess a letter of reference from a club director or coach.

5. Possess a medical document that has been signed by a qualified doctor.

6. Submit an application that is fully filled and includes a current picture.

7. Pay the enrollment cost.

MKE Ankaragücü

The full name of MKE Ankaragücü is Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Ankaragücü; it is pronounced [ˈaŋkaɾaɟydʒy]] in Turkish. It is a sports organization in the city of Ankara. Following the closing of the Ankara 19 Mayis stadium, the football club now plays their home games at Eryaman Stadium while sporting a yellow and blue uniform.

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The Turkish Football Championship victory in 1949 and two Turkish Cup victories in 1972 and 1981 are the club’s biggest achievements domestically. Additionally, they twice triumphed in the second division. Ankaragücü has also won six Ankara Football League championships locally. The team and Gençlerbirlii are also longstanding rivals.

Additionally, Ankaragücü has sections for women’s volleyball, taekwondo, and cycling. Since the 2009–10 season, the women’s volleyball team has participated in the Turkish Women’s Volleyball League.


Young years (1909–1959)

Despite being situated in Ankara, then Altnörs dman Yurdu was established in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, in 1904. The team participated in the Friday League of Istanbul. The reason for the club’s removal from its headquarters in Istanbul is unknown. Another hypothesis is that the team broke up and several players left. As a result, some players followed Sükrü Abbas and others were seen pursuing Agah Orha.

Turan Sanatkarangücü was established in 1910 by Sükrü Abbas. Eventually, both clubs joined in 1938 to create AS-FA Güc. The club name was altered for the last time in 1948, with Ankaragücü being agreed upon by both parties.

 Ankaragücü placed third in the previous year’s competition as Anadolu Turan Sanatkarangücü in 1924. They also won the old Turkish Football Championship in 1949, their biggest achievement to date.

Demotion and the Liga years (1959–1981)

One of the initial sixteen clubs in the 1959 Turkish National League was MKE Ankaragücü football club. Following their second-place result in the Ankara Professional League, they were granted entry into the league. In the first Milli Lig season, the team placed sixth in the Beyaz Grup (White Group). After being second-to-last in 1967–68, Ankaragücü was demoted to the 2.Lig. However, the next season, the team made a comeback to the top division. In the 1975–76 campaign, Ankaragücü was once again demoted, but they were promoted to the First League the following year. The 1977–1978 season saw the third relegation of Ankaragücü.

1. Lig Return(1981–2012)

In 1981, Ankaragücü came back to the First League as a result of a political choice over which the FIFA at the time had no control. Kenan Evren, the president of Turkey, and Mustafa Gönül, the governor of Ankara, wanted a club from the city to compete in the 1. Lig. As a result, they made sure the team was promoted even though it only placed second to Sakaryaspor in the second level. MKE Ankaragücü football club had furthermore won the Turkish Cup.  Since then, Ankaragücü has competed in the First League. The 1990s saw sporadic success for the club.

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The club has had two great seasons under Ersun Yanal’s leadership, finishing sixth in 2000-01 and fourth in 2001-02. Ankaragücü found itself in a fight to avoid relegation each year after Ersun Yanal departed the club, and were in full-blown and general disorder. In the last few games of these years, the club was able to avoid relegation. As a result, the club had a financial problem in the late 2000s.

Financial Crisis

Following the financial crisis, Ahmet Gökçek succeeded Cemal Aydn as chairman. In the following years, the team will win a championship, he assured. He used to be (informally) affiliated with Ankaraspor, however TFF disapproved of his running two teams at once and demoted Ankaraspor. He combined the football teams of two clubs when Ankaraspor was demoted, but he was unable to put together a group that could win the title.

Cengiz Topel Yldrm took over as chairman after the Turkish court declared the congress in which Ahmet Gökçek was elected invalid. The club was one of the worst in the Turkish Super League since Cengiz Topel Yldrm sold important members of the squad due to the economic crisis. The next chairman, Sami Altnyuva, failed to resolve the financial issues. Numerous players quit the team as a result of the continuous financial difficulties. Bent Ahlat, Atilla Süslü, and Mehmet Yiiner later took over as chairs, but the financial issues remained.

A second demotion

Due to a financial issue, the club was demoted from PTT 1. Lig in 2012–2013 and from Süper Lig in 2011–2012.


After being promoted from the third division of Turkish football in the 2016-17 season, they made a TFF First League comeback. The next season, they were promoted back up to the Süper Lig, where they are still playing now. In the 2019–2020 Süper Lig, Ankaragücü finished in the relegation zone. However all relegation was overturned by the Turkish Football Federation because of the COVID–19 pandemic.

 Have you been looking to join a prestigious football academy in Turkey? If so, then this article titled “ The MKE Ankaragücü Football Club” is for you. Also check for MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy, MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy Trials, Eligibility requirement for MKE Ankaragücü Youth Academy, How  to register MKE Ankaragücü  Youth Academy.

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