Apply for Peterborough United Academy Scholarships

Dive into the world of Peterborough United FC. In this guide titled “Apply for Peterborough United Academy Scholarships” you will unravel the steps to apply and register for the Peterborough United Academy. Discover how you can be scouted, learn about the Peterborough United Academy Scholarship, delve into the academy’s requirements, and much more.

Introduction to Peterborough United Academy

Peterborough United’s Academy is designed to nurture young footballing talent, offering the necessary networking, coaching, dietary guidance, and well-being advice essential for a successful football career. If you’re under 21 and live within the academy’s catchment area, consider Peterborough United Academy as your next step.

The academy takes pride in its state-of-the-art training regimen, fortified by a team of seasoned and dedicated professionals.

The Peterborough United Academy is situated at London Road Stadium, London Road, Peterborough PE2 8AL. Meanwhile, home matches are played at Nene Park Academy, Oundle Road, Peterborough PE2 7EA. With a commitment to excellence, the academy uses modern technology and pedagogical methods. They are on a perpetual lookout for budding talent, but they maintain a selective intake given the stiff competition.

Academy Classification of Peterborough United

Peterborough United Academy boasts a Category 2 status. Commuting distances permissible for academy participants are delineated for each category.

Peterborough United Academy Schedule

The academy offers a comprehensive calendar encompassing various activities, matches, and events. If you’re interested in any particular age group of the academy, ensure you check the respective match timings and venues.

Trials at Peterborough United Academy

Many budding footballers aim to secure a spot at Peterborough United Academy. While there are multiple pathways to join, a popular approach is securing a trial at a young age and then ascending through the ranks. However, it’s not uncommon for players to directly share video highlights of their performances.

Given the overwhelming volume of such videos, it’s advisable to join a recognized football academy for better visibility. Scouts routinely identify promising talents from these academies, ushering them into development centers. Remember, football academies are accessible to all. To give your child a competitive edge, consider enrolling them in football academies early on.

Catching the Eye of a Peterborough United Scout

Prospective players can look forward to a six-week trial at the Peterborough United Academy. While some players are spotted during matches, the academy recognizes that some talents might be overlooked. They thus encourage players to proactively submit their football portfolios. Do visit our Football CV section for insights on how to present your football journey effectively. Given the influx of applications, not all might receive a response. Still, this remains a valuable method to get noticed by the academy’s scouts.

To facilitate this, compile the following:

  • Player’s Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Player’s details: including position, age, date of birth, height, weight, contact information, current and previous clubs, past trial details, and any other notable achievements.
  • Current educational institution
  • Share your current team’s fixture list, complete with venues and start times.

After gathering the information, forward it to the Peterborough United Academy via:

  • youth@theposh.com

Your application will be assessed by the recruitment team, who will decide if a scout should attend your game.

Visit the Peterborough United Academy Players website to discover the newest batch of potential talents.

Peterborough United Academy’s Team

Browse the Peterborough United Youth staff website to learn more about the dedicated team nurturing academy players.

Opportunities at Peterborough United Academy

Stay updated with the Peterborough United Academy job board for exciting opportunities, both on and off the pitch, particularly for a category one academy position.

Peterborough United Academy Syllabus Overview

The training program at Peterborough United Academy includes both technical and tactical elements, with a special module for goalkeepers. Here’s a snapshot of the skills imparted during the academy training:

Peterborough United Academy Training Phases

  • Professional development
  • Youth development
  • Foundation
  • Youth/Professional development
  • Foundation for goalkeepers

Professional Development Phase Skills

Technical Skills for Outfield Players:

  • Advanced passing techniques in narrow spaces
  • Aerial ball receiving and efficient ball distribution
  • Two-touch ball movement drills
  • Perfecting the initial touch across different surfaces while in motion
  • Strategies for successful dribbling, especially in 1v1 scenarios
  • Techniques for effective shooting under pressure
  • Long-duration ball movement exercises
  • Ball manipulation across various body surfaces
  • Defensive techniques to protect ball possession against attacks
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Tactical Skills for Outfield Players:

  • Midfield strategies for better control and opening passing avenues
  • Techniques for maintaining ball possession against opponents
  • Effective ball possession strategies during numerical advantage or disadvantage
  • Counter-attacking strategies after defensive plays
  • Central attacking moves with and without ball possession
  • Exploiting wide areas for 1v1 and 2v2 plays leading to goal opportunities
  • Individual defensive strategies based on field position and opponent tactics
  • Group defense techniques emphasizing delayed, intense defense
  • Strategies focusing on quick ball retrieval for possession

Goalkeeping Skills:

  • Techniques for goalkeepers to assist teammates in controlling the ball
  • Understanding the best distribution strategies for offensive plays
  • Strategies for goalkeepers to effectively influence match outcomes
  • Techniques to handle direct confrontations with players during matches
  • Addressing early shooting threats around the goal area
  • Defensive positioning strategies during aerial challenges
  • Effective communication methods between goalkeepers and outfield players
  • Techniques to ensure compact defensive formations involving goalkeepers

Foundation Phase Skills

Technical Skills for Outfield Players:

  • Safe ball receiving techniques
  • Quick, efficient passing in small team settings
  • Using coordinated plays to effectively pass and position the ball
  • Techniques for disguising turns under minimal pressure
  • Age-appropriate long-distance shooting techniques
  • Drills for effective dribbling and ball reception during breaks
  • One-touch shooting techniques under pressure close to the goal
  • Passing techniques for larger areas, emphasizing longer passes
  • Ball control using swift foot movements

Tactical Skills for Outfield Players:

  • Enhancing individual ball control during receptions
  • Training for effective group plays under intense pressure
  • Maintaining ball movement during possession drills
  • Techniques to bypass defenders using speed and direction changes
  • Small group attacking strategies like 4v4 and 5v5 plays
  • Movement patterns to create and utilize open spaces
  • Small-sided games emphasizing on creating transition spaces
  • Fundamentals of pressuring an opponent with ball possession
  • Defensive strategies focusing on role dynamics during ball possession shifts
  • Techniques for quick ball retrieval and counter-play after scoring.

Peterborough United Academy – Welcomes New Students to the Academy!

At Peterborough United Academy, we take immense pride in the structure and opportunities we provide to young talents. The progress made by all our players, the significant number of debuts from our academy, and positive outcomes for those departing the club bear testimony to our commitment.

Our academy’s future is promising, both on and off the pitch. We’re on a trajectory to achieve a Category 2 academy status, and the forthcoming expansion of our Training Base will not only benefit our participants but also the wider community.

Our primary aim is the consistent nurturing of young talent that can step up to the first team. Players like Harrison Burrows, Ronnie Edwards, Ricky-Jade Jones, and Kyle Barker have showcased this in recent seasons. In essence, our mission is to ‘cultivate valuable young individuals and players’. We aim to offer opportunities that not only develop their footballing skills but also instill invaluable life lessons.

From our main squad to our academy, there’s a unique ethos and philosophy we follow. This is evident in our recruitment, mentoring, and performance-tracking programs, ensuring a holistic approach to each individual’s development.

We’re grateful for our owners, whose generous support ensures that the academy continues to thrive. The conducive environment they create, in collaboration with the first-team owners, staff, and our dedicated team, offers our student-athletes an ideal space for growth.

With a developmental mindset, we have defined structures to monitor progress against set objectives, all aligning with the club’s long-term aspirations.

Our players are encouraged to retain their passion for football, anticipate challenges, be diligent, trustworthy, and respectful, and seize the myriad opportunities that come their way.

Peterborough United FC Academy’s Criteria

  • High school graduation (unless discovered by a scout).
  • Good academic performance.
  • Exemplary moral character.
  • Team spirit.
  • Proven prowess both on and off the field.

Peterborough United Football Academy Application Process

Applications are currently open at the Peterborough United Football Academy. We maintain an open-door policy. Interested candidates can apply by visiting the Peterborough United Academy contact page: https://www.Theposh.com/contact-us. Additional resources for applicants are also available HERE.

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Joining the Peterborough United Football Academy

For those aspiring to be part of our academy, it’s essential to understand our criteria. Apart from the aforementioned prerequisites, prospective members may join through an introductory test or a trial at the Peterborough United Football Academy. Direct communication options are also available.

Here’s a compiled list by our Scouts team on How to Apply:

  • Showcase good academic records and references from your educational institution.
  • Provide accurate personal details, history with previous clubs (if any), and additional relevant information.
  • If below 18 years, parental consent is mandatory. Complete the Academy Registration.
  • If applying for the Man City Football Academy Scholarship, financial need proof is required.
  • For international applicants, a video submission is recommended.

Peterborough United Sports Scholarship Overview

BTEC Level 3 Exam Board: Edexcel

Entry Requirements for Edexcel Courses:

  • Standard: At least five GCSE courses with a minimum grade 4 or its equivalent, including maths and English. This program is open to both boys and girls.

About the Peterborough United Futsal Program:

Football and futsal come together in this sports scholarship, supplemented by a BTEC Level 3 in Sport. Participants will compete against top-tier clubs at renowned venues like the first team practice field, St George’s Park, and the Birmingham International Futsal Arena, exclusive to this program. This is an ideal program for football enthusiasts looking for a fresh challenge.

The curriculum extends beyond the pitch. Alongside physical training, you’ll study BTEC in Sport, which could pave the way to university or a career in sports. The program offers unique coaching certifications in both football and futsal. Furthermore, students can obtain the government-approved NCS: National Citizenship Service award, enhancing both university and job applications.

Course Information:

Students will work towards an Edexcel BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport, expanding on the knowledge acquired from Key Stage 4 and GCSE. There’s an option to pursue A-Levels for those meeting the prerequisites. In the sporting realm, you’ll represent Peterborough United against top teams in renowned stadiums. Both male and female teams have won multiple trophies in recent seasons, with games generally hosted at St Georges Park and the Birmingham National Arena.

Your curriculum will also encompass football and futsal training, gym sessions, and game analysis. Individualized training and gym sessions are in store for all participants.


Evaluation comprises a publicly examined end-of-course test and an externally evaluated research assignment.

Further Opportunities:

Strong academic performance could lead to U.S. university placements. Scholarships, apprenticeships, and sports-related employment are also possible. Many graduates have secured places at the prestigious International Futsal Academy.

Admission Process:

Applicants must apply to Nene Park Academy’s sixth form, followed by an interview. Practical readiness tests are also part of the selection process.

About Peterborough United F.C.:

Peterborough United Football Team, nicknamed “The Posh”, is a professional English football club based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. They compete in the Championship, the second division of the English football league. Their main rivals are Cambridge United. The team has a rich history, with numerous promotions and relegations, and has been under the guidance of notable figures like Barry Fry and Darren Ferguson.


Since its foundation, the team has played at London Road Stadium. Now, with a seating capacity of 20,000, proposals are in the works for a new stadium. The record attendance is 30,096 during an FA Cup match in 1965. The stadium has undergone several name changes due to sponsorships, the latest being the “Weston Homes Stadium” in 2019.


Cambridge United is viewed as the primary rival to Peterborough, according to the Football Fans Census. In 38 matches against each other, Peterborough has won 16 times, Cambridge 15 times, with Peterborough netting 53 goals to Cambridge’s 52. From 2001 to 2017, their only meeting was in the Checkatrade Trophy, where Peterborough emerged victorious 2–0.

Many fans see Peterborough as part of the Pride of Anglia derby, which features clubs from Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and sometimes Essex. The highest attendance at a Peterborough home game during the 2019-20 season was against Ipswich Town, drawing 10,071 fans. Tickets for the rematch at Peterborough were sold out.

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There’s also a long-standing rivalry with Lincoln City, intensified when Peterborough made a comeback from 3-0 down to draw 3-3 on May 1, 2021, ensuring their promotion to the Championship and forcing Lincoln into the playoffs.


The subsequent season was among the most successful for the club. After some early struggles, they defeated Wimbledon and Newcastle United in the League Cup. Their reward was a home game against Liverpool, which they won thanks to a Garry Kimble goal, taking them to the quarter-finals. Despite a promising cup run and an upward trajectory in the league, they were denied a trip to Wembley in the Football League Trophy. They did, however, secure a play-off position. Their Semi-final against Huddersfield Town saw a dramatic draw and a comeback win, culminating in a victorious play-off final against Stockport County in 1992.

Between 1992 and 1994, they competed in Football League Division One, achieving their highest-ever league position by finishing 10th.


The 2005–06 season saw frequent managerial changes. After Mark Wright’s departure, Barry Fry temporarily took over, followed by Steve Bleasdale, and then Keith Alexander. Darren Ferguson took the helm and achieved back-to-back promotions. But by November 2009, they faced relegation and Ferguson was replaced by Mark Cooper, then Jim Gannon, and finally Gary Johnson.


Gary Johnson left due to disagreements in 2011, and Darren Ferguson returned. Despite defensive challenges, Peterborough finished fourth in the 2010-11 season of Football League One. They won the playoffs, securing promotion. However, by 2013, they faced another relegation. They did find success in 2014 by winning the Football League Trophy. Darren Ferguson resigned in 2015 after a loss. In 2021, a dramatic draw with Lincoln City ensured their return to the Championship, ending eight years in League One. However, Ferguson left the club again in 2022, with Matthew Etherington taking over. Sadly, by April 2022, Peterborough was relegated to EFL League One.

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