Apply for West Bromwich Albion Academy Scholarships

We will delve into the subject of “Applying for Scholarships at West Bromwich Albion Academy”. Additionally, we’ll explore the ownership of West Bromwich, the academy of West Bromwich FC, the West Bromwich football club itself, and its home ground, among other topics.

West Bromwich Albion Academy Scholarship

Are you a young footballer? Do you feel you have the talent to make it in football? Then, I guess this is your chance to join West Bromwich Albion Championship FC League Academy. The focus of the Academy is to groom young prospective footballers to become professionals. In the course of this, the Academy still ensures that they get the best coaching, health, and nutritional treatment. Now, let’s see how to join West Bromwich Albion Championship FC League Academy.

An Overview Of West Brom Academy

430 Birmingham Road, Walsall, WS5 3LQW is the location of the West Brom Academy. There, they offer the most outstanding form of development for the young players. The club employs the best people to carry out the educative aspect of the grooming. To do this, they apply the use of technical knowledge and coaches to produce the best in the players.

Due to the high level of a tussle to get the opportunity, the club takes its time to scrutinize individuals. It isn’t so easy to get into the West Brom Academy. Currently, Academy phase 1 clubs have the privilege to sign players under 12 years. Unlike before, where their ability to do this was regulated. The FA saw the need to remove the regulation to give a sort of liberty to the aspiring players. All that the West Brom Academy has done, is to provide a conducive environment for these players to feel at home. It improves their psychology to attain greatness. Let us proceed more on how to join West Bromwich Albion Championship FC League Academy.

Matches And Events At West Brom Academy

There are a couple of activities facing the West Brom Academy. They have matches to play and events to host. You can determine the time and venue for all these activities.

Requirements To Get A West Brom Academy Trial

The basic requirement to get a trial is to possess the desirable talent of football. Also, to be always informed and available whenever the club’s scout comes around. Bear in mind that most times, you won’t notice their presence. So diligence is also of key importance rather than sending your football clips to the West Brom academy’s mail. This is because most times the operators of the mailbox don’t go through all the videos and links.

Also, by enrolling in a soccer school run by the West Brom FC. It is the most achievable way as the chance of getting a trial is high. More so, during your local club training, the club can send out scouts to observe young players. The scouts already have the qualities they wish to see. Once they discover it, they make contact with your coach or manager. After that, they send you an invitation to the club’s development centre for an interview. Most importantly, enrolling children in football schools helps to properly develop them. This way, when the players get to the pitch, it won’t be a big challenge.

What Can One Do Get Scouted By West Brom Academy?

Most times, the West Brom Academy scout just shows up at your training centres and observes without your knowing. Then, you are ignorant of their presence, so you are not under pressure. So, it is important to always be at the right place, at the right time to get an opportunity. On the other hand, one can message the academy if they wish to be scouted. But, bear in mind that the chances are low due to the high volume of messages they get.

Scheme Of Work At West Brom Academy

West Brom Academy provides both technical and tactical training programs, with a special module for Goalkeepers. The below demonstrates:

  • There is the professional development part
  • Also, they have the youth development part
  • They have the foundation part
  • There is the youth / professional development part
  • Finally, the foundation development goalkeeper part.

Technical Aspect of Outfield Players

  • Passing – Playing forwards through tight passing channels
  • Receiving the ball – Receiving the ball in the air to pass in the least number of touches
  • Passing – Generic passing practices to move the ball on two touches
  • Running / Dribbling with the ball – Developing the 1st touch to break through a variation of receiving surfaces
  • Running / Dribbling with the ball– Variations in the dribble to advance in 1 v 1’s
  • Shooting – Shifting the ball to get shots off under pressure
  • Passing – Keeping the ball moving for a long period
  • Manipulating the ball – Shifting the ball across the body with a variation of surfaces
  • Turning – Turning away from pressure and protecting possession of the ball

Tactical Aspect Of Outfield Players

  • Possession (Playing out from the back) – Midfield rotation to receive high and low open up passing channels
  • The Possession (Retaining the ball to penetrate) – Working in front or behind opponents to retain the ball looking to play forwards
  • Possession (Game management) – Playing with and against an overload (the extra man)
  • Attacking (Counter attacking) – Breaking from the defending third
  • The aspect of Attacking (Centrally) – Playing between lines and breaking lines with and without the ball
  • Attacking (Wide areas) – 1 v 1’s, 2 v 2’s to create goalkeeping opportunities
  • Defending (Individual) – Approach to the ball dependent on the opposition and area of the pitch
  • The Defending (Groups & Units) – Defending later and deeper
  • Defending (Making play predictable, Regains and Possession decisions) – Pressure as the team/group hunting the ball for quick regain
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Goalkeeping Aspect

  • Goalkeeper support – Variety of passes and support for players in possession
  • The Goalkeeper support – Awareness of best option looking to penetrate with distribution
  • Goalkeeper support – How the goalkeeper can affect the state of the game
  • The Goalkeeper defending – How to deal with 1 v 1 situations in game situations
  • Goalkeeper defending – Early shots are always being set in and around the box
  • The Goalkeeper defending – Positioning and decision making in dealing with the cross
  • Goalkeeper communications – Organization and support to the defender
  • The Goalkeeper communications – Communications to players away from the ball
  • Goalkeeper communications – Developing the goalkeeper to compact

Foundation Phase at West Brom Academy

Technical Aspect Of Outfield Players

  • Protecting the Ball – Setting the scene for receiving on the safe side – guidelines for success
  • Passing – Short, quick, and high tempo passing in small groups
  • Receiving the Ball– Developing the set as part of link play to move the ball forwards
  • Turning – Developing turns under passive pressure to include disguise
  • Shooting – Longer distance shooting relevant to the age of the group
  • Running / Dribbling With the Ball – Long and thin practises to practise breaking into space from a dribble or receiving the ball
  • Shooting – One touch finishing around the goal on angles with pressure approaching
  • Passing – Passing within larger areas focusing on techniques to a longer pass (floor / aerially)
  • Manipulating the Ball – Quick foot movements to manipulate a small skills ball

Tactical Aspect Of Outfield Players

  • Possession (Individual) – Developing players to receive the ball and maintain possession on their safe side
  • The Possession (Group Play) – Develop players to receive and play away from pressure in small groups
  • Possession (Directional) – Possession/wave practises maintaining the speed of the ball from start to finish
  • Attacking (Individual) – Changes of direction and speed to beat opponents
  • Attacking (Groups) – Small group attacking practises (4v4, 5v5). Movement/combinations to create and exploit space
  • Attacking (with/against overloads) – Small-sided games working on creating and exploiting space on the transition
  • Defending (Pressure the Ball) – Basic principles for approaching a player in possession
  • The Defending (Small Groups) – Possession based practices focusing the change of roles based on the movement of the ball
  • Defending (Regaining to Play) – Regaining the ball and countering to a scoring conclusion

I guess you are following up on how to join West Bromwich Albion Championship FC League Academy.

West Bromwich Albion F.C. Reserves and Academy

This aspect talks about the feeder’s team of the West Bromwich Fc. It comprises young players under the age of 23 years. If you are above 23years, you can’t enrol. The club also have the U-18 players. Currently, they play in division 2 in the Premier League 2.

Background Of The Club’s Reserve

The 1882–83 season was a remarkable season for the West Bromwich reserve side. They didn’t lose any match that season. However, an unpleasant situation occurred in the 1885-86 season. The club slashed the wages of the players, due to the financial crisis. Subsequently, the club didn’t pay them again. This didn’t go down well for the players. As a result, they revolted. In addition, they refused to play subsequent matches.

The club took out some disciplinary actions against the players. Apparently, the club suspended some players. But, after a while, they came back to the team.

A match against Brush Sports was West Bromwich Albion’s first game of the FA Youth Cup. This was I’m the 1952-53 season. Consequently, they demolished the opposition team with 10 goals to 1. But, this celebration didn’t last long. The next season, they reached the finals. But, lost it to Manchester United. Likewise, in the 1968-69 season, where they also lost to Sunderland in the finals. However, a few years later, they won the Wolverhampton Wanderers side to lift the trophy.

The former Tom Silk Building in Halfords Lane is the dwelling place of the reserve side.

West Bromwich FC Academy

The club believes that attaching a price to carry out trials and developmental schemes, will drive the financially unstable people away. So, they made the program free for all. The likes of Saido Berahino and Jonathon Leko have passed through the academy. To clarify, the club has modern equipment to facilitate the training and development of players.

It is worthy to note that the academy has played in Coppa Santa Cup in Spain. The Academy Leader Neil Parker led the squad during this period. Certainly, the players were in good conduct. This accomplishment is a plus to the academy.

Meanwhile, the academy made the player selection based on those around. So, distance won’t be a problem. Most Importantly, the West Brom team hasn’t been relegated from the Premier League for a long time.

The Workers Of The Club

Mark Harrison is the Academy’s Manager. He possesses the qualities of a true leader. Similarly, his goal is to develop young players who can compete at professional and top levels. One of the ways he chose to achieve this, is by sending players on loan. They may go to league 1 or league 2. This way, they will learn more and experience different gameplay.

After much contributions to the club, James Smith got the opportunity to coach the U-18 team. Also, he has coached the U-16 and U-16 sides.

Note, as a scout discovers any talent, the FootieBugs Academy takes over.

The Trial Academy Of West Bromwich Albion FC.

Are you a young footballer? Do you feel you have the talent to make it in football? Then, I guess this is your chance to get a trial from the West Bromwich Albion trial academy.

The basic requirement to get a trial is to possess the desirable talent of football. Also, diligence is important rather than sending your football clips to the West Brom academy’s mail. This is because most times the operators of the mailbox don’t go through all the videos and links.

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Due to the high level of a tussle to get the opportunity, the FootieBugs academy takes its time to scrutinize individuals. Once they identify the qualities they desire, they will move you to the important stage.

Tony’s Soccer School.

The goal of Tony’s Soccer School is to impact the lives of young players through sports. To clarify, they either bring you closer to a scout or offer tangible information to guide you for free. This increases your chances of getting a call from any football club.

They claim to be transparent and reliable. Above all, being experienced and exposed in the infield. Meanwhile, as a player, you need to put out your best at all times. This is because the trial opportunities are difficult to come by. Below are the steps on how to sign up for the Tony’s Soccer School:

  1. Either you apply for updates of the latest newsletter or the latest released news on Football trials here.
  2. You can also email your personal data to the academy Director here.
  3. Apply for the trials on our website and wait for our directives.

West Bromwich Football Club

The West Bromwich Albion Football Club is notably an English professional football club. The club came out in 1878 and its location was in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England. Its home ground is The Hawthorns. They compete in the second division of English football.

Most importantly, they played a major role in developing the Football league. They have trailed successfully in the top tier of English football, being the one-time champions of England. That was in the 1919-20 season. In the same vein, they have won the FA Cup and Football League Cup consistently. In short, they have had a successful football experience since their discovery. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have down moments.

The notable feature of the club are their navy blue and white striped jersey. Also, one of their badge is a throstle perched on a hawthorn branch. West Brom fans see the likes of Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers as the club’s rivals.

The History Of The Club

Early years (1878–1950)

The workers from George Salter’s Spring Works were the founders of the club. It was in 1880 that it got the name West Bromwich Albion. Further, they competed for the Birmingham Cup and performed exceptionally. In a few year’s time, they won their first-ever trophy, the Staffordshire Cup. They also trailed in the FA Cup competitions. After losing a couple of finals, they were able to win the trophy. This was in 1888.

This earned them a spot to compete in the Football World Championship. A recent development came up. William McGregor wanted the English top five teams including Albion to form an association. The aim was to have a compulsory home and away game every season. However, it looked feasible. Consequently, the club faced relegation to division 2 in 1900-01. Their ranking has been inconsistent, as they escape relegation and faces relegation again. Following the 1910-11 season, they won the Division 2 championship. Similarly, in 1919-20, they won the Football League title. That was the only time they won that title. Significantly, the club keeps qualifying for FA Cup finals and other tournaments. During this period, they win some and lose some. Also, they do face relegation and all other challenges.

From 1992 Till Now

The club didn’t make it immediately into the premier league. They were still in division 2. Gradually, they got the opportunity to get into the top tier. They go into the play-offs and had their first match in Wembley. A match with Port Vale saw them victorious with a 3-0 win. This served as a push further to attaining the premier league spot. After subsequent time with various coaches, they got in.

Most of the club’s memorial and the successful time came at the appointment of Gary Megson as the new club manager. It was in his regime that the club got into the Premier League in 2001-02. However, it wasn’t too successful as they got relegated. But, this didn’t take long as they got back to the Premier League, the next season.

A new coach, Bryan Robson, took over the managerial role. They were able to evade relegation that season after dramatic situations. Consequently, the club replaced the manager with Tony Mowbray after they got relegated the next season. It wasn’t really a smooth ride for the new manager as he lost a couple of important matches. At a point, they got back to the premier league after being relegated. However, they got relegated the next season. This led to the replacement of Bryan Robson with Roberto Di Matteo. After several inconsistencies, Roy Hodgson took over from him.

Arguably, Roy Hodgson is the manager with a better managerial career in the club. The club was able to maintain top-flight position for a long while. On the other hand, subsequent coaches came forth and led the club. In 2016, the club owner, Jeremy Peace sold the club to a Chinese investment group. Lai Guochuan led that group. The club began to go down and went back to Championship.

Darren Moore and James Shan also came forth to manage the club. Slaven Bilić took over and led West Brom back to the premier league. It was also a rocky season for the manager. So, he got sacked. Sam Allardyce replaced him. Similarly to his predecessors, he didn’t perform well. He resigned in the 2020-21 season.

A couple of other managers like Valérien Ismaël and Steve Bruce came through too.

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The West Bromwich Albion Stadium

The club acquired over four grounds within seven years. One of the lands is Cooper’s Hill(1878-1879). Within this period, they used Dartmouth Park. Then, the Bunn’s Field(1881-82). It was notable, that the club’s first round to have a closure. Also, it had a seating capacity of 2000.

As the club began to gain wide recognition, the number of their spectators increased. So, they bought four more acres of land. The need to go to another ground came. Therefore, they moved to Stoney Lane where they enjoyed a good time. Winning the FA Cup twice and finishing as runners-up three times, was a big deal for the club. The club left the ground in 1900.

They moved to the ground far away from the centre of West Bromwich. That was the Hawthorne. Their first match on the field ended with a 1-1 draw to Derby County. Meanwhile, over 64,000 came to watch West Brom’s FA quarter-final match against Arsenal. They fixed seats all around the stadium.

In recent times, its capacity is 26,850, with four stands, namely: Birmingham Road End, Smithwick End, East Stand and West Stand. It has an altitude of 551 feet, which is 68 above sea level. Above all, the West Brom ground ranks as the highest among other 92 Premier League grounds. It can host other competitions under the certification of UEFA.

The club built other facilities around the stadium, to enhance efficiency. The famous Hawthorns Pub was also in the possession of Bromwich Albion. Due to its high quality, people compare it to the Vine pub in Roebuck Lane.

The Club’s Ownership And Governance

The background of West Bromwich Albion’s ownership and governance

Initially, Seven men were in control of the club, making individual contributions to sustain the club. Henry Jackson became the club’s first chairman. That was in 1885. Other subsequent chairmen were the club’s ex-players; Jem Bayliss and Billy Bassett. They made the structure of the association in a way that it will accommodate ex-players. With time, Bassett took the position of the Director. A remarkable situation happened. Bassett and Harry Keys were able to salvage the association from the financial crisis. Bassett took extra steps to make voluntary payments to the players. His reign lasted for a long while before he passed away in 1937. Similarly, Major H. is honoured as the club’s longest-serving director.

Other subsequent chairmen were Bert Millichip and Paul Thompson. They both served judiciously. It was in Paul’s regime that the club became a public limited company. But in 2004, it became a private company. This significantly changed the club’s name to West Bromwich Albion Limited. Jeremy Peace succeeded Paul Thompson in 2002. He bought more shares in the club’s holdings. This didn’t go well with the management board. So, they served him a query.

The club witnessed its first female director during that period. In 2010, she withdrew from the position. Jeremy Peace made an announcement in 2015, that he would no longer sell his exclusivity deal.

In the subsequent year, he found a Chinese buyer, Lai Guochuan. They reached an agreement and proceeded with the transaction. After that, John Williams became the chairman of the club, under the appointment of Lai Guochuan. However, he replaced John with Li Piyue in the 2017-18 season. This was after the club’s relegation.


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