How to Join Union Berlin FC Youth Football Academy

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Introduction To The Topic

One can regard Germany’s top tier club, Union Berlin FC as a prospective football club. Meanwhile, the club features in the second tier of German football. But, they play and show the zeal to move up and compete in the Bundesliga. Furthermore, Union Berlin has built one of Germany’s most prestigious youth academies. This has been going on for over 50 years. Let’s proceed on how to get scouted by Union Berlin FC Academy.

Locate The Ideal Football Club

You must have searched within Germany for the best football academy, that suits your taste. By approaching Union Berlin FC academy means, you like their mode of operation. However, there are certain guidelines to follow before you can guarantee your spot on the team. It actually doesn’t require much, just exhibit your talent properly and stand a chance to get selected.

An important requirement is your age. You must be over 17 years old. Then, you must be from or residing in Germany. Also, you must have played in an organized football league with 3 years experience. Lastly, you must show passion and commitment to the academy.

To avoid losing bright youngsters due to a lack of room in their squads, Union Berlin FC’s academy accepts as many talented players as possible.

Smart Preparation Is Key

Working hard and showing commitment goes a long way to getting you scouted and admitted into Union Berlin FC academy. Working hard requires you to spend more time on these activities that can help you become a better player and a better person. You ought to familiarize yourself with the enrollment requirements for the Union Berlin FC youth program. That way, you can check all your boxes for a tryout.

The process of getting scouted might take a long time due to the arrangements and data processing. However, it would be wise to exercise patient. On the other hand, some clubs prefer to watch you play or watch your football clip before they will reach out to you.

Display Your Skills And Talent

You must demonstrate your abilities and talent so you can earn the trust of coaches. This way, they can accept you into the Union Berlin FC Youth Academy. However, if you wish to get scouted, follow this guidelines; Exhibit your skills and talent ; Be part of the academy; Participate in tournaments; and, finally, apply for Union Berlin FC’s Youth Academy.

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Do Not Be Offended By Criticism.

Criticism is a part of individual development. If people don’t criticize you, it means you are not developing. So, it is ideal you learn how to accept criticism. Meanwhile, the Union Berlin FC Youth Academy diversifies her method of youth development to span other areas of life. They do not dwell only in football trainings.

In other words, they pay attention to how you handle pressure and critics. Also, they take note of your behavior and attitude. The academy holds these guidelines to high esteem because, they constitute a major role to youth development.

Union Berlin FC Youth Academy requires all new players to sign up for a full year of service after they join. After that, they players will be shared to various teams. This depends on your skills and abilities.

Try To Be Optimistic

You should know that a lot of people are in the same race of joining the academy with you. So, you need to understand this and show optimism that you will however, get scouted and selected. Meanwhile, to be eligible, you have to be from 6 to 18 years old. Then, you must reside in Germany and have a valid passport.

If you wish to up your game and maximize your chance to get scouted by Union Berlin FC, follow these guidelines.

  • You need to participate in as many tournaments and matches as you can.
  • After that, you must train on a regular basis and with consistency.
  • You must have good grades and sound academic background.
  • Lastly, you must exhibit the quality of being patient.

The Background Account Of The Academy

As a football club, FC Union Berlin have different attributes. This is so because of how far they have come and how well they have dispensed their duties. They have also shown a nice quality in aspect of politics that is commendable. One would easily fall in love with the city of Berlin. This is because, Berlin comprises of cultural and creative attributes that attract people all over the world. To cap it off, she now performs well in football.

Berlin holds the 9th of November as a historic moment. This has a link to how German football have evolved. It all began on the 9th of November 1989. That day saw the migration of the people of German Democratic Republic (East Germany). They, moved over the demarcating wall, separating both cities. A total of 2 million citizens successfully moved over to the West side of Berlin.

In Berlin, the reverence the ’The Berlin Wall’ as a great monument of the Cold War. Not much teams from the East side of Berlin feature in the Bundesliga except Union Berlin. Its biggest rival from West Berlin, Hertha Berlin has remained in the Bundesliga for over 20 years. Since the pre-World War II period, Hertha Berlin has not lifted a Bundesliga trophy. But, they claim to be the top club in Berlin.

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More Information

Regardless of the fact that the won the double in the 1930 and 1931, they are not the top club in Berlin. Besides, they have nothing to show for this claim as regards to trophies in this age. On the other hand, German’s national team is highly rated all over the world. Then, the German Bundesliga is rated among the best leagues. Berlin isn’t quite reputable in terms of football. They rarely groom players who turn out to be professionals regardless of their high population.

Meanwhile, players like Jérôme Boateng, Karim Bellarabi, Nico Schulz all hail from Berlin. Also, they feature in the German national team. Berliner John Brooks dominated in the Bundesliga and has 43 caps for the United States. While, Kevin-Prince Boateng has been capped for Ghana.

Others doubt Berlin’s status as a football city, while believing it to be way back in football development. Union Berlin’s supporters, on the other hand, have shown the true meaning of being a club supporter. They go as far as donating their own blood to help the club settle their financial crisis.

Approximately, 2000 Union Berlin fans took out their time to make sure they restore their stadium, Stadion An der Alten Försterei.

Salvaging Berlin

What could possibly make Berlin slack on producing professional footballers? Many experienced personnels are working hard to see they change the situation, especially on Football Manager 22.

With 31 Bundesliga titles and six Champions League trophies under their belt, Bayern Munich are still gearing to continue dominating German football. Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig also try to perform well in the league. But, interestingly, Union Berlin have showed a good quality, by remaining in the Bundesliga. They also emerged in the Europa Conference League and finished on 7th place in the 2020/21 season.

In light of the financial situation of the clubs in FM22, this is quite an accomplishment. On the other hand, if you wish to locate the Alte Försterei, move to the outskirt of Wuhlheide. It dwells in a wooded forrest area. To this effect, the people constructed a comic quote. This reads: ”When god formed the world, he asked the stones: “Do you wish to be Unioners?” The stones replied ”Yes, but we’re not hard enough”.

Attributes Of Union Berlin

  • Stadium Capacity – 22,012 (3617 seated)
  • Training Facilities – Good
  • Youth Facilities – Average
  • Junior Coaching – Average
  • Youth Recruitment – Fairly Basic
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The Recruitment Plan

All transfers or contracts will be taken care of by Oliver Ruhnert, the Director of Football. While, Chief Scout Theo Gries, who has been a long-time member of Union Berlin, will be in charge of scouting reports. The goal is to maintain recruitment in the academy as realistic as possible. This can be achieved by adhering to LLM guidelines and enlisting the help of Scouts and the Director of Football.

In terms of scouting, we have mediocre recruits. but, now, they have shown that they are good enough to get the job done. So far, the director of scouting is interested in the academy scouts learning from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland’s scouting method. This is so because, they are both alike. He plans to gain more scouting knowledge from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and North America. But, that will be when there is much finance to do so.

However, for the time being, the majority of the team’s attention will be concentrated on the countries around them. They will also focus on the leagues in France, Italy, and Spain and highly rated football leagues. The strategy they hope to adopt is to get players with expired or expiring contracts. By so doing, they will cut down funds in the transfer market. Most people value the opportunity of having free agents on transfer.

More Information

Assistant Manager Sebastian Bönig and Youth Development Director Andre Hofschneider have been with Union Berlin for a long time. They have served Union Berlin in all integrity. Also, and the majority of the personnel working in Union Berlin are born and raised in Berlin.

The director of football claimed he would prefer to be the Youth Development coach. But, he feels the time isn’t right yet, as different circumstances doesn’t favour it.

Generally, a club academy without experience md and developed coaches, will encounter a lot of challenges. So, it is also the plan of the Union Berlin academy to organize development programs for their coaches. With this plan, they can contribute effectively to player development. Another way is to hire former players as instructors in the academy, since they more knowledge and experience about the club.


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