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This article contains information about Empire Basketball Academy. You will also find information about Empire Basketball Academy Training, How to apply for a basketball academy program and The New York Empire.

About Empire Basketball Academy

 Empire Basketball Academy is a non-profit sports and recreation group committed to fostering the growth and development of our young people via participation in sports and leisure activities. A wide range of training, mentoring, tutoring, internships and college preparation are available from them.

They presently have four travel boys’ basketball teams and are constantly expanding.

Goal of Empire Basketball Academy

The Treasure Coast’s Central Business District is home to Empire Basketball Academy. Our objective is to create excellent basketball players and even great student athletes.

Basketball training at Empire

Since 2008, Empire Basketball has been providing instruction and training. One of the best basketball training programs in Michigan is Empire Basketball Training. Empire Basketball Training, which is based on diligence and commitment, offers basketball players of all ages the possibility to develop both as players and as people. We provide a distinctive training experience by utilizing drills used by NBA players and professionals. The majority of drills are developed by the trainers at Empire, while others are adapted from college workouts and previous workouts with NBA and NBA Development League clubs.

Join Empire Basketball Training on its mission to develop well-rounded players and people who take pleasure in working hard to achieve their goals on the court and in life, and up your game.



Location One: MACOMB, Michigan (48042), 51551 Industrial Drive

 Location Two: 44 Squirrel Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 (Inside Michigan HY-Fit Athletics)



PHONE: (248) 496-9072

EMAIL: Empirebbtraining@gmail

Application Process for Basketball Academy Programs

Step 1: Choose the program.

Candidates must evaluate their demands and select a curriculum that will assist them improve their playing abilities and support them in achieving their predetermined career goals.

Step 2: Fill out the application form.

After selecting the Basketball Academy you want to apply to, visit their website and find the “Apply” page. Please make sure you have read and comprehended the Basketball Academy Terms & Conditions before submitting your application.

The following list of application procedures is relatively short and won’t require much of your time:

1. Choose the desired program from the drop-down option on their website. Once you’ve done that, a second drop-down option will appear, allowing you to select the program’s length. Depending on the program, lengths can range from 2 weeks to 9 months.

2. The entire cost of the program will be displayed immediately below when you select the program length. Remember that after submitting your application, you will be asked to pay a deposit, which will be a tiny portion of the overall fee. The entire cost determines the deposit amount. Bank transfer will be used to charge the remaining amount.

3. Complete the following field with your first and last names. Fill out the following field with your email address. The email address you provide here will be used to send you your invoice as well as all the program-related information you require.

4. Select the nation from which you are applying. Enter your phone number after that.

5. Enter your birthdate. Please use the date format provided (first type in your day of birth, then month and year).

6. Type the street number and name of your street. Type in your city’s name and a precise zip code.

7. Complete the remaining required fields on the form (height, weight, playing position, etc.). You are welcome to enter the URL of a highlights video that shows your basketball performance.

NOTE: Since the application form does not allow for direct video uploads, you must first post the video online (e.g. to YouTube or to Dropbox).

Step 3: The payment process

After selecting “Submit & Pay,” you will be taken to the payment gateway where you can use your credit card to make the deposit payment. Your payment will be completed after your card has been validated. The email address you provided in the application form previously will get an invoice.

Important Information: Please contact your bank for assistance if your payment has been rejected.

About The New York Empire

The New York Empire is a New York City-based American Ultimate Disc League ultimate team. The team, which competes in the league’s East Division, won its first AUDL championship in 2019 and its second in 2022. In 2013, The Empire debuted its first season.


Due to an ongoing AUDL litigation against the Connecticut Constitution and Rhode Island Rampage, part-owner Cullen Shaw nearly transferred his Ultimate ownership interest to Major League Ultimate at the start of the Empire’s existence in late 2012. Shaw remained with the AUDL and the Empire, nevertheless, due to reduced ownership costs and more club ownership capabilities. The Empire’s initial tryout in January 2013 drew 60 players, which was a higher turnout than other teams’ inaugural tryouts. When Isaac Saul joined the Empire in 2014 after the Rumble season that same year ended, the Empire became the first AUDL team to have a player play for a AUDL and MLU squad in the same year. The MLU eventually established a New York franchise, the New York Rumble.

Barbara Stevens, the mother of then-Empire player Matthew Stevens, took over as the team‘s majority owner following the 2017 campaign. Before the 2018–19 campaign, the Empire signed Marques Brownlee and Beau Kittredge, and before the 2019–20 campaign, the Empire signed Grant Lindsley and Jack Williams. Some have referred to this club as the league’s strongest since the Dallas Roughnecks iteration of 2016 thanks to these signings and the league’s current talent, including Jeff Babbitt and Ben Jagt. Following close calls with Raleigh and DC, the Empire went on to go 12-0 in the regular season and 3-0 in the postseason en route to winning the 2019 championship and becoming just the third team in league history to go unbeaten in a season.

Additional Details

Previously, the Empire had part of its home games on Randall’s Island and some at MCU Park in the Brooklyn borough. The Empire relocated to Joseph F. Fosina Field in New Rochelle before the 2018 season, claiming a dearth of dressing rooms and refreshments on Randall’s Island as well as a better location near major highways.

3D Hoops Academy

The mission of 3d Hoops Academy is to develop athletes’ character while also teaching and training basketball players. As we endeavor to inspire, educate, and transform today’s youngsters, we will give our athletes a platform to cultivate a passion for the game, grow physically, learn important life skills, and embrace collaboration.

The Origin of Basketball Empire

Basketball Empire was founded in December 2018 by a basketball and streetwear enthusiast. We recognized an opportunity to provide basketball fans all around the world the chance to not only wear something they are proud of, but also to give these same individuals the actual sense of comfort they all deserve.

At Basketball Empire, who we are

We think that while purchasing any goods, quality is an important component that everyone should take into account. Quality encompasses how a product was sourced, the materials used, and whether they are expensive and dependable or cheap and unreliable, such as the feel and level of comfort of a product like a comfortable hoodie. In order to give you and many people around the world the high-quality items you deserve, we have chosen the premium and dependable path for all of our materials and ensure that every product is up to our high level. Be a part of the Basketball Empire. Turn into a Baller.

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This article contains information about Empire Basketball Academy. You will also find information about Empire Basketball Academy Training, How to apply for a basketball academy program and The New York Empire.

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