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Introduction To The Topic

All over Colorado, the Colorado Basketball Academy Inc stands as one of the best basketball academy. This is because, they focus on training their players to excel not only in basketball, but in life generally.

The interesting fact is that, they perform exceptionally in the game of basketball. Most world players in the world of basketball emerged from the Colorado Basketball Academy.

So, if you want the best for your kid in terms of excelling in basketball and in life generally, enroll him or her into Colorado basketball academy Inc.

About The Colorado Basketball Academy Inc

This academy works with experienced workers to ensure that every basketball player will study age-appropriate high school and middle school basketball development drills.

It doesn’t end there, they will also learn from existing high school players who serve as junior coaches and mentors.

There are Colorado Basketball Academy Clinics at Levels 1, 2, and 3 which aim towards novice and intermediate players between the ages of 5 and 16.

Throughout the course of the CBA’s six-week sessions, players work on developing their general and specialized abilities.

The Mission Of The Academy

For almost 15 years, Coach Doug Maier has led the Colorado Basketball Academy.

He has a Gold Level USA Basketball Certification and a Lifetime Certification from the California High School Activities Association. More than 20 years have passed during Coach Maier’s tenure as a High School Basketball coach.

As the head of this academy, he pools his resources to ensure that the academy players get the best basketball training and holistic life training. The academy focuses on increasing the skill ability of the players while teaching them other life changing opportunities like skill acquisition.

To this effect, the coaches grooms them in aspects of dribbling, passing, shooting, and completing a play.

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Who Can Enroll Into The Academy?

The Colorado Basketball Academy is open to every youngster all year. Also, the academy will love to have you as part of their players.

For both boys and girls, the Colorado Basketball Academy has competitive club teams.

All serious basketball players have the opportunity to try out for the CBA and play at either the regional or national level.

Where Can One Locate The Academy?

The academy is located at number 932 Anaconda Dr, Castle Rock, Colorado 80108-8240.

Please feel free to contact Head Coach Doug Maier at 303-345-3755 for more inquiries or visit our website at

Meet The Academy Coaches

Doug Maier -Head Coach

Coach Maier is a Denver native and a proud father of three. Also, Coach Maier stood as an active individual in the field for over 25 years, both as a player and a coach.

For the last 14 years, Coach Doug Maier has led the Colorado Basketball Academy.

Few years back, Coach Maier headed the women’s basketball team at Denver’s Bishop Machebeuf High School.

Also, he left his coaching prints on some high school basketball like Prairie View High School (Henderson, CO), Castle View High School (Castle Rock, CO), and Platte Canyon High School (Denver, CO) (Bailey, CO).

Recently, Coach Maier worked as the Director of Athletic Development at his alma mater, Wake Forest University, between 2010 and 2011.

Impressively, he graduated with a BA in ’89 from Wake Forest University. In addition to being a Gold Licensed Coach with USA Basketball, he has a lifetime CHSAA coaching license.

Keith Calip

Keith Calip started coaching for almost 15 years and came with those coaching experiences to Colorado Basketball Academy.

In 1998–1998, Keith suited up for basketball for Southwestern Oklahoma State. In addition, Keith left Southeast High School in 1998 with a diploma.

During his four years of high school basketball, Keith became a four-year varsity letter winner. In addition, Calip showed his coaching abilities in the Lady Jaguars Basketball Club for some years.

Meanwhile, he worked as a varsity assistant coach at Bishop Machebeuf High School, Prairie View High School and Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton, all under the tutelage of one man: Coach Maier.

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Remarkably, Coach Calip has the highest level of coaching certification available from USA Basketball in his portfolio.

Lastly, Keith has two children of his own, a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old, and he presently resides in the Denver region.

Clarizo Kenny

Colorado Basketball Academy is lucky to have Kenny Clarizo, a coach with a stellar resume from his time on the playing field in high school and college.

Kenny earned three varsity letters in basketball while playing for Coach Maier at Mullen High School.

However, his basketball career at Mullen High School saw him earn four varsity letters.

Kenny continued his basketball career by spending four years at Benedictine University.

In addition to his exceptional ball handling talents, Kenny exhibits his lightning quickness very well. Kenny is a finance professional with Wells Fargo right now.

As it stands, Coach Clarizio worked as Coach Maier’s Varsity Assistant at Denver’s Bishop Machebeuf High School.

Colorado Hoops Academy

Colorado Hoops Academy, led by David Arnold, is one of the most popular and successful basketball training programs in Colorado. Youngsters living in Colorado can sign up to get high standard training.

The Colorado Hoops Academy also employ qualified staff who carry out the skill training and academic practices of the academy.

Our Identity

They launched this academy in the year 2020. Colorado Hoops Academy got to it current level due to the assistance of advanced training individuals like David Arnold.

Colorado Basketball Academy (CHA) is the result of collaboration between several groups in the state.

The Mission Of The Academy

Our vision is to establish a genuine Basketball Academy that trains our athletes to reach their full potential in all facets of the game.

This ranges from fundamentals to advanced drills and from dribbling to shooting.

We prioritize more training time more than game time in Colorado Hoop Academy‘s training, development, and recuperation programs for the “whole athlete and basketball player.”

Those That Make Up The Colorado Hoop Academy

All of the Colorado Hoop Academy include top-tier talent from Douglas County and the greater Denver area. However, the academy is open to all.

There are a variety of things to do this fall at the Academy. We have competitions in neighboring states and beyond.

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About The Workouts

We hold workouts in nearby High and Middle Schools. This happens twice a week. Also, we hold weekly player development meeting, twice a week.

Colorado Hoopsters Inc

When you hear about Colorado Hoopsters, what comes to your mind? This noble academy is one of a kind that is non-profit oriented.

It drives towards ensuring that kids get the best opportunity to play professional basketball while obtaining sound academic qualities.

The Goal Of The Academy

In Colorado Hoopsters, they focus in transforming the lives of their players via the transformative power of top basketball competition. They do not stop at that, but go ahead to groom them academically.

When you play with the Colorado Hoopsters, you are sure to develop personally and professionally.

Our Belief

We at Colorado Hoopsters believe that, Basketball is a great vessel for imparting invaluable lessons in leadership, self-control, teamwork, tenacity, positive thinking, and the pursuit of one’s personal best in all areas of life.

Other Benefits Of The Academy

Student-athletes in the Colorado Hoopsters program get academic support, educational counseling, NCAA guidance, and college ready training.

From time to time, they will receive talks on inspiring others to take charge in their neighborhoods.

Most importantly, the Colorado Hoopsters organize a variety of charitable events throughout the year. This include: a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Give Away, a Build-A-Bike Give-Away, a Christmas Toy Drive, and a Clothing Drive.

What Is The Cost Of Getting Into The Academy?

It’s a fact that many qualified and worthy kids still can’t afford to play on a competitive sports team. As a result, the Colorado Hoopsters focus on removing the financial obstacles that prevent young people from developing their athletic potential and competing at a high level in sports.


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