The trials and tribulations of G.D. Estoril Praia’s youth academy

If you are a young footballer residing in Portugal and you wish to enroll into a reputable football academy, this article ”The trials and tribulations of G.D. Estoril Praia’s youth academy” is for you. Also, we will study some subtopics like; G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy, G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy Trials, Eligibility requirement for G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy and How to register G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy.

Now, let us discuss the topic “The trials and tribulations of G.D. Estoril Praia’s youth academy” squarely.

Introduction To The Topic

As with many other teams in Portugal’s top division of professional football, G.D. Estoril Praia scouts and signs young talent from within the community. They include them in the club’s youth academy. However, it is becoming more difficult than ever to locate and recruit such local talents.

However, this article ”The trials and tribulations of G.D. Estoril Praia’s youth academy” discusses the steps taken by the team to identify and recruit new players. Also, it reviews the challenges faced by some aspiring football players before they reach their goal of making it to the professional level with G.D. Estoril Praia.

If they scale through these hurdles, they could represent their country on international level.

Overview Of G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy And Trials

This Portuguese football club called G.D. Estoril Praia, plays in LigaPro. which is the Portuguese Second Division. Meanwhile, Estoril, which is part of the Cascais metropolitan area, serves as the club’s headquarters.

They established the club in 1939, and its home stadium, Estádio António Coimbra da Mota, can hold up to 5,400 fans whenever they play.

Since its inception in 2012, the academy gears towards nurturing the club’s future stars. There are currently around 250 young players (aged 6-18) involved in the academy.

G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy is a noble and reputable football academy, that is focused on grooming Portugese youths with football aspiration.

The likes of Eusébio, Luis Figo, Nani, Ricardo Carvalho and Paulo Ferreira emanates from the academy.

However, you ought to be qualified before you can register with the academy as gaining entrance is quite difficult.

Over 1000 youngsters apply for the academy, but just 30 make it into the academy. If you are between 10 and 18 years, and have finished secondary school, can register.

Then, getting scouted will enable the club’s scouts to observe you. Meanwhile, the academy’s open trials registration dates are released two weeks ahead on their website and social media channels.

More Information

The registration fee is contained on the academy website. This is for both the trials and administration. So, endeavor not to miss it. If you impress the scouts, they will select you to take part in the academy.

In the academy, their are different groups depending on your age and capabilities. So, you will be assigned to a team when they finish assessing you. Upon graduation, the players sign contracts worth $350,000 per year.

The Academy Trial Prerequisite

Before you can obtain the academy trials, you must present your particulars to enable you sign up. Simply, go on to the academy’s website and fill out the online form.

Ensure that you provide the accurate informations like; your name, date of birth, contact information, and a passport photo. It is also important to attach your football video clip while submitting your form.

In addition to your particulars, also include your parents’ or guardians’ name, address and phone number. Their consent is also needed for players who are not up to 18 years. The trials schedule and location is on the academy’s website.

Endeavor to be early and dress properly for the trials as G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy only accepts a few aspirants. You can also come with your lunch pack and water.

At the trials, show your best, as the academy coaches will observe your technicality, physicality, character and others. The trial fee is contained on the academy site.

Gaining Entrance Into G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy

Any youngster aspiring to make the best out of his football career should consider enrolling into the academy of G.D. Estoril Praia.

They have high standard equipments to train you and nurture your talent. Below is the registration requirements for G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy:

  • The age requirement to register for the G.D. Estoril Praia Youth Academy, is from 6 to 18 years.
  • You ought to be from Portugal to be qualified to apply.
  • It is important to have a year of experience in organized football to increase you chances.
  • You must present your birth certificate.
  • Then, pay the academy’s stipulated registration fee.
  • If you do not have a valid passport, you cannot enroll into the academy.
  • Present your medical report.
  • Make sure you partake in the academy trials.
  • Endeavor to fill out the registration form correctly. Then, present it to the academy’s head office with your passport photograph as soon as possible.

The Youth Academy Of G.D. Estoril Praia And How To Train Them

Here’s what you need to do to prepare the future prospects of G.D. Estoril Praia:

  • Encourage them to engage in regular physical activity. They should work on their fitness, speed, and strength by jogging laps, sprinting, and lifting weights.
  • Show them how to play the game of football properly. Skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting must be mastered.
  • Train them to develep their endurance. They need to have the stamina to play for 90 minutes.
  • Coach them to sharpen their soccer intelligence. So, you’ll need to instruct them on game analysis and tactical decision-making.
  • Make them master the act of controlling their temper in intense circumstances.

Overview Of G.D. Estoril Praia

The Portuguese sports team Estoril, officially known as Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia, is based in Estoril, Cascais, Lisbon. They established it on May 17, 1939.

Estádio António Coimbra da Mota, which can hold 8,015 people, is the home field for this football team. Also, they compete in the Primeira Liga. Estoril has a football team, a futsal team, and a basketball team as part of its sports club.

In the club’s history, the senior football squad has won nine secondary titles. They won the most recent title in the 2011-12 season which is the Liga de Honra.

To this regard, several members of the club gained honors for their 2011–12 accomplishments, including Licá, who was named LPFP Liga de Honra Player of the Year, Vagner, who was named LPFP Liga de Honra Goalkeeper of the Year, and Marco Silva, who was named LPFP Liga de Honra Coach of the Year.

Background Details Of The Club

Initial Stages

On May 17, 1939, the club was established as Grupo Desportivo Estoril Plage by Joaquim Cardim, José Ereia, Joo Rebelo, Armando Vilar, Ernesto Tomás, and Joaquim Nunes, among others.

Major financial backing for the club came from Fausto Cardoso de Figueiredo, who also owned the Lisbon-Cascais railway, the English hotels Paris and the Palace, the bath complex, and the Estoril Casino.

The logo and uniform colors drew its inspiration from Estoril, Portugal, which is home to some of the country’s best beaches. The sun is represented by the yellow color, while the blue color stands for the neighboring Atlantic Ocean.

Upon the club’s inception, the club entered the Campeonato de Lisboa, a league tournament for Lisbon-based clubs.

In addition, it entered competition in the Taça de Portugal. Only four years after it was founded, the club featured in the final of the Taça de Portugal in the 1943–44 season, where it was beaten by Benfica, 8–0. This happened at the Campo das Salésias in Lisbon.

Relegation And Promotion

They played in the Segunda Divisão for the first time the following year. After 22 seasons, Estoril finally returned to the premier level.

In 1973, the team gained promotion to the first division after hiring English manager Jimmy Hagan, who had previously led Benfica to three consecutive league victories. These titles came in 1970–1971, 1971–1972, and 1972–1973 as well as a Taça de Portugal in 1971–1972.

After making a comeback, the club did so well that it reached the quarterfinals of the cup tournament and finished in eighth place in the league.

Up to the middle of the 1980s, the club maintained a steady mid-table place for the next decade.

Since Fernando Santos resigned as manager in 1994, the team has been towards the bottom of the Liga de Honra. The club has spent fourteen years competing in the Liga de Honra since its inception.

The club’s first ever relegation occurred in the 1998–1999 Liga de Honra season, dropping them to Portugal’s third division. There have been multiple decline and revival for the club since then.

Initial Stages Of The Club

The club was competing in the Portuguese Second Division around the turn of the millennium. When Ulisses Morais took over as manager in 2002, he guided the club to consecutive promotions to the top level.

While under Litos’s leadership, the club finished at seventeenth in the 2004–05 Primeira Liga season and relegated.

However, in the 2012–13 season, the club came back to the Primeira Liga, and ended in an impressive fifth place in the league at the point they gained promotion. They also advanced to the third qualifying round of the Europa League, making their debut in European competition.

A win against Hapoel Ramat Gan and Pasching, earned Estoril a place to compete in the Europa League group stage. Their three draws against Sevilla and Freiburg were not enough to prevent a fourth-place finish in a group that included Slovan Liberec (twice).

As a result of Benfica’s victory over Rio Ave. in the Taça de Portugal, Estoril finished the 2013–14 season in fourth place, its highest position ever in the Portuguese first division, and advanced directly to the Group Stage of the Europa League.


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